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Metal Roofing is chosen for it's durability as it will last 40-50 years. It also makes a perfect accent for front entry and porch roofs. Popular options are Copper, Zinc and Standing Seam pre-finished Steel. 

Asphalt roofing is the most popular choice for residential roofing due to its value as a cost effective solution. The shingles also look great and there are many designer options available. The laminated, architectural shingles are the most popular. Timberline by GAF and Landmark by CertainTeed are both excellent options that will provide a lasting value to your home. 

Cedar Shakes and Shingles are chosen for their natural beauty. They offer an architectural look that is unique and unmatched. We install all types of cedar shakes and shingles from the more modern, machine sawn shingles, to a more rustic looking hand-split shake.  

New Line Roofing installs natural slate roofing. We have also grown to love the DaVinci synthetic slate product. It is lightweight, looks wonderful and is a cost-effective solution as compared against a natural stone slate roofing product. 

Copper is the perfect material for custom roofing components due to its longevity and workability. Because copper is able to be soldered, difficult areas can be addressed with a solid piece of sheet metal. We offer custom copper fabrication for roofing and gutter projects. 

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